Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is this for?

A few pages are associated with a blog on Blogger called the Urban Backpacker's Quarterly. When I update those, I'll talk about what I did here, going into rather more detail than I would on my homelists, posting rather more often.

Also, I found that the old link back to the webrings to which T.U.B.Q. belongs hadn't been working very well, for the last few weeks. The feeds on the main blog were feeding slowly, with the result that the location of the anchor tag that was supposed to take the reader back to the ring code was changing noticably as the page loaded, often leaving the visitor in the wrong location. That needed to be fixed, and the first post on this blog let me do so.

I should have a mybloglog community and a feedburner subscription option up in the near future. You'll be able to subscribe to this miniblog, if your interest in what I'm writing is limited to what I post on the Quarterly. If you'd like to follow the rest, my homelists will be linking into this little blog, so you could just follow those. Think of the two as a sort of index and subindex for some of my pages.

Return to Your Ring

If you entered my sites through "The Urban Backpacker's Quarterly", whose homepage can be found at the following location at Webring Webspace as well as at these mirror sites (1 | 2 | 3), then the navbar for your ring should be visible below.

If you entered my pages anywhere else (including pages on the Urban Backpacker's Quarterly site other than the homepage for my blog), then you should go to the local ring return page for the Urban Backpacker's Quarterly, two copies of which can be found on the copies of the blog homepage mentioned above - 1 | 2 | 3.